My professional career

Here are the most important facts in my professional career:
2021-2023 Key expert in the project “FOSREM – the innovative, autonomous system for monitoring mining events and other seismic phenomena ” – (Elproma Electronics) NCBIR, 1/1.1.1/2020
2021-2023 Key Expert in the project “Elaboration and verification in real operational conditions of a multidimensional seismometric measuring system.” NCBIR
2017-2023 Chief of Professional Systems Department, Science Department Director in Elproma Elektronika Sp. z o.o.
2017-2018 Project manager in the project “SAFETIME – Technology of distribution and verification of accurate, trusted time in the Internet Systems (IoT) ” – RPMA.01.02.00-14-5730/16 (Elproma Electronics)
2016-2019 Expert in the project EPOS – European Plate Observing System, Task 2 (MUT)
2016-2023 InfoSCAN S.A. (Grupa Modne Zakupy) – Member of the Supervisory Board
2007-2016 InfoSCAN S.A.- Member of the Board (R&D)
2015 InfoSCAN S.A. – Debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
2015-2016 Key expert in the project “DEMETRA Demonstrator of EGNSS services based on time Reference Architecture” – EU Horizon 2020 (H2020-Galileo-2014-1)
2013-2014 The head of the project “TSRAB; Telemetrical System of Registration and Analysis of Research of Breathing disorders during sleep”; (InfoSCAN) NCBIR InnoTech 2/Hi-Tech
2012-2014 The head of the project “RunRabbit – Sub-nanoseconds in the synchronization of devices and data transfer in real time systems.” NCBiR – Eureka
2012-2015 The team leader of the project “FOMREPh – Fiber Optics Monitoring of Rotational Events and Phenomena” – NCBiR PBS- 180889
2012 Establishment of the Scientific and Industrial Consortium aimed at the development and implementation of the production of fiber optic sensors of very high sensitivity rotational phenomena FOSREM (m-Soft Sp. z o.o., Military University of Technology)
2007 InfoSCAN Sp. z o. o. – a telemedicine company dealing with telemetric diagnostics of breathing disorders during sleep. Vice President of the Management Board of the company.
2007..13 IT Specialist at the National Center for Research and Development. Development and implementation of the IT infrastructure.
2005 m-Soft development. Projects include TVP, PTK Centertel, Eurocolor, Toyota, and the Warsaw Gasworks (PSG).
2002 It was changing the company name to m-Soft Sp. z o.o. The company increased its share capital.
2000 Establishment of sp. z o.o., I am CEO.
1997..2000 My JKK-EDS company is becoming my primary duty. Provides consulting and internet services for such companies and organizations as advertising agency “Propaganda,” ATA-INT LTD., DESA UNICUM Sp. z o.o., WPTS sp. z o.o., Warsaw-Bielany Commune Office, “Let’s Go” Sports and Recreation Academy, Massachusetts Management Institute Sp. z o.o., Actor Agency Gudyko S.C., Military University of Technology, Filar Development SO. z o.o., Demos S.A., Telewizja Polska S.A. I collaborated in the production of several films: “Virus,” “Dad,” “Fuks,” “Amok,” “Policemen,” “Last Mission,” “Klan,” “Killers 2”, where I dealt with computer science on the set. My articles were published in ComputerWorld and PCkurier’s industry press (see publications).
1997 Compaq chose me to develop and launch the Polish website A contract was signed in September, and the website launched on October 15. At the peak, the service contained about 2,500 pages in Polish, about 20,000 pages of technical documentation in English, and 14 GB of files with drivers and service documentation on the FTP server. The agreement with Compaq was completed for organizational reasons in December 1999 (Compaq merged with DEC).
1993..97 I worked as a consultant at Hewlett-Packard Polska. I was developing texts of folders and leaflets, editors of technical materials, and presentations of equipment (servers and workstations). I wrote, developed, and published the book “HP Networks.”
1995 I created a computer network for the press office of John Paul II’s fifth pilgrimage to Poland. As part of the service, I organized printing and issuing accreditation, translation service, connections with pilgrimage places, and cooperation with journalists.
1994 I passed the exams and received the title of a certified engineer from Novell (CNE). Then, I was recertified for Netware 4 and 5.
1992-97 I worked in the office of the Senate of the Republic of Poland as a senior specialist. I dealt with the Netware local network administration there, acting as the network administrator.
1991-92 I wrote the first book: “Turbo Pascal-utility Modules,” publisher PLJ, 1991, ISBN 83-85190-19-8. Then the next: “ABC Ventura Publisher version 3.0 DOS”, Help Publishing House, ISBN 83-85137-26-2 and “Helpex, compiler of help systems,” Publisher Help 1991, ISBN 83-85137-34-3.
1991 On the first of April, I founded JKK-EDS. The first was an IT service for the translation department in the Pope Praga Press Office in Poland in 1991.
1990..92 I worked as an assistant professor in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. There, I taught students and developed new devices in automotive electronics.
1989 I defended my PhD in electronics, specifically in microprocessor control of ankle engines at the micro-stepping work. The working title is “Impact of Micro-stepping Control on the Characteristics of Discrete Drive.” The content of my doctoral dissertation is also available. I left the army in December this year and was transferred to the reserve. The system resulting from the work was patented.
1989 I got the first prize and received the title of Young Master of Technology at the Military University of Technology.
1986 I became an officer and was appointed to the rank of lieutenant. I served at the WAT, where I worked at the Faculty of Electronics as an engineer of the didactic team and later as a senior assistant. At that time, I started work on a doctoral dissertation under the direction of Colonel Professor Tadeusz Wróbel.
1985 I went to the military. In the beginning, I was in Zegrze, where I finished the SPR. Then, I had internships at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.
1982..85 I worked as an intern, technician, and constructor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. My exciting work resulted in patents for new solutions.
1983 I defended my master’s thesis in the “Machines and Electrical Devices” field excellently. I developed the driver’s psychophysical efficiency (sobriety) testing in it. For this work, I received the second prize in the competition for the best diploma thesis of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology in the 1982/83 academic year. Later, I reported this device to the UPRP office and received a patent.
1978 I graduated from High School No. 49 Z. Modzelewski in Warsaw (now Goethe). I passed the entrance exam and became a first-year student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology.